In addressing earthquakes and other natural disasters, the spread of infectious diseases, or other crises that result in extensive damage, the Joshin Group will place the highest priority on ensuring the human safety, while working to prevent secondary disasters and protect its assets, in order to contribute to society through the continuation of our business as part of our social responsibility.


To achieve this, we understand that one of our most important management challenges is to ensure the business continuity in operations primarily related to group business management and various types of infrastructure, including IT and logistics to enable sales departments to sell electrical products or other items. To this end, we have formulated the following Basic Policy in the spirit of our Corporate Credo of “Thoughtfulness,” and will actively implement the establishment, operation and management of the business continuity management system:

  1. Ensuring human safety
    We will respond to an emergency placing the highest priority on ensuring the safety of people surrounding our business, including customers visiting us, employees and their families, business partners, and members of the community.
  2. Protection of assets
    We will promote measures to secure facilities, equipment, information systems, and other assets necessary for business continuity and strive to preserve them.
  3. Business continuity
    In order to prevent incidents that may interrupt or impede our business operations, to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence, to prepare ourselves for their occurrence, and, in the event of their occurrence, to respond to it and restore our business operations, we will establish, maintain and operate a business continuity management framework for planning, establishing, introducing, operating, monitoring, and reviewing our written business continuity management system. We will also continuously improve our business continuity management system.
  4. Contribution to local communities
    We will contribute to local communities and society, including cooperation to ensure their safety, in coordination with the national government, local governments, other companies, and other entities as necessary.
  5. Compliance with relevant laws and regulations
    In promoting our business continuity management system, we will comply with all relevant laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements to which we have consented.

We ensure that all employees at the head office and throughout the Group are aware of, and understand, this Basic Policy. We also request affiliated companies and other stakeholders for their understanding of, and cooperation to, this Basic Policy.

September 20, 2016