Joshin Denki Co., Ltd. and its Group companies (hereinafter referred to as “us/we”) are keenly aware of our social responsibility to build a safe and secure society by offering safe products to our customers and by carrying out repairs and installation work to ensure safe operation. In accordance with the Joshin Group Declaration on Actions, we have established the Voluntary Action Guidelines for Product Safety, and will sincerely and actively work to ensure product safety.

1. Provide, install, and work on products trusted by customers.

While offering high-performance and low-cost products, fully recognizing that it is our social responsibility to provide products and services that our customers can use with peace of mind, we will contribute to building a comfortable, safe and secure society.

2. Collect data on product accidents and notify our customers.

In the event of a product accident, etc. (defect, malfunction, accident involving a similar product), we will actively collect information from customers, manufacturers, importers, repair/installation companies, etc. and internally share it, while promptly providing necessary information to customers, manufacturers, importers, repair/installation companies, etc. This will prevent the spread of damage, and contribute to preventing the recurrence of accidents and investigating causes.

3. Establish a reporting system for product accidents, and a recall system.

In the event that a product that we have provided is found to be potentially hazardous to our customers, with the highest priority on ensuring customer safety, we will actively cooperate with manufacturers and importers to take prompt and accurate measures, such as recalls (product recalls), and voluntarily report it to relevant government agencies, if necessary, to prevent the occurrence and spread of accidents.

4. Publicize how to use products safely.

We will actively disseminate and raise awareness of how to use our products safely in order to prevent the occurrence of accidents and the spread of damage resulting from misuse.

5. Maintain and improve the product safety system while developing a risk management system.

We will establish a risk management system to ensure product safety, and enhance our organizational structure and employee training system to enable us to respond promptly and accurately to internal and external information concerning product safety. We will also maintain and improve our internal systems, including regular internal monitoring.

6. Ensure execution of “Give First Priority to Customer” and “Ensure Product Safety” set out in the Basic Management Policy.

To ensure that these basic policies are executed by all employees, we will set out “Give First Priority to Customer” and “Ensure Product Safety” in the Basic Management Policy, and strive to ensure product safety management and compliance.

Joshin Denki Co., Ltd.
Ryuhei Kanatani, Representative Director, President and Executive Officer
Enacted on December 25, 2007

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