Compliance Promotion System

The sustainability activities of the Company are actions to resolve issues in the overall Group business activities and the system to promote compliance that creates the foundation to support these actions. The Sustainability Committee determines policies on how to address various issues in our business activities and social challenges, and checks the status on a regular basis to improve corporate value.

We have formulated the Joshin Group Code of Conduct as the foundation for promoting compliance This code shows the course of action that all employees working for the Group should take, as well as the assessment criteria and the guidelines for action that must be followed. The Code of Conduct, along with the Joshin Group Anti-Corruption Policy, sets out the behavior required of various stakeholders, as well as compliance with laws and social norms, fair trade practices, conservation of the environment, handling personal information, policy on purchasing product, etc., and guidelines for activities within the supply chain. The Code of Conduct is used as a basic tool for training of employees by category including company orientation and schooling for promotion.

Operation of the Public Interest Notification System

To prevent and promptly correct illegal and misguided acts, and to improve the capability to govern these acts, the Company uses a public interest notification system as our whistleblowing program. This system is made available not only to the employees of the Joshin Group, but also to the employees of franchisees, staff of business partners and contractors, as well as former employees. The system guarantees the protection of whistleblowers, including arrangements so they are not mistreated as a result of reporting and accepting anonymous reports.

Whistleblower cases (number of cases) (FY 2022) 61 (60 harassment cases and 1 internal rule violation case)

Message from an Executive Officer

As a home appliance retailer, ever since Joshin Denki was first founded, we have always focused on customer perspectives throughout business operations. Since home appliances are durable consumer goods, after-sales service is also important.

That is why in 1956 we established a service division to offer all-in-one services that covered everything from sales to after-sales service. That system remains in place today. Further, by issuing member cards that can be used seamlessly in real stores and our online EC (e-commerce) store, we have been able to collect customer information in a database for use in improving member services and for diverse marketing programs. I have a mission at the Legal Affairs and Risk Management Division, where our highest priority is the creation and management of systems for continually ensuring safe and secure use of customer information, the foundation of our business, as well as employees’ personal information. Our Risk Management Committee centrally manages the various risks that face the Joshin Group (such as disaster, business, and management risks), and we strive to set in place, operate, and manage systems for responding to risk.

Advances in digital technology and the acceleration of globalization are resulting in dramatic, rapid, and expansive changes in the social environment around us. When implementing the business strategies set out in JT-2025 Management Plan, we recognize that highly fair and transparent risk management is a vital issue for us, including in our supply and demand chains. We will continue to refine our risk management system so that it can support the further creation of corporate value.

Executive Officer in charge of legal and risk management

Kazuyo Nabata