Our management philosophy is connecting people and society to the future with a smile and our management vision is becoming an infrastructure hub for a better life through the power of home appliances and ICT. To realize the goals of our vision and philosophy, we chose the seven material issues (major challenges) that we should address first, due to their high impact on corporate value creation of the Joshin Group, as well as the 14 issues to help resolve through our initiatives. 

After determining which issues to tackle, we analyzed the risks and opportunities based on the perspectives of both our investors and stakeholders, organized the issues, and set long-term targets and KPIs, as well as action plans to reach the goals for every initiative. The Company will also use these initiatives to reach our materiality targets.

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee works to achieve our management philosophy and our management vision by dealing with our highest priority initiatives and material issues, together with the progress of important department-spanning internal projects that support these initiatives. The committee also oversees financial and nonfinancial information for our business strategies and our ESG initiatives, among other items. To verify the viability of our business strategy—the target year is 2050—the committee investigates the numeric plans for individual fiscal years leading up to 2030, which is the midpoint of the business strategy.

Revision of material issues

We first announced our material issues in 2021. Two years have passed since then, and after achieved our initial goals in several action plans, we have revised some material issues and initiatives. We also reviewed our action plans and targets based on the revised material issues and initiatives.