Reinforcing Joshin’s financial and nonfinancial capital through the achievement of carbon neutrality in the home

Mitigate risk and take advantage of opportunities to strengthen financial and nonfinancial capital

One of the Joshin Group’s high-priority material issues (materiality) is “making possible prosperous living that anticipates lifestyle changes.” To address this material issue, we are focusing on two areas: “providing products and services that support a diversifying, super-aging society” and “achieving carbon neutrality in the home.” To address risk, achieving carbon neutrality in the home will help to mitigate the risks associated with climate change, while capitalizing on the opportunities from climate changes will enable us to achieve a competitive advantage for establishing the Joshin brand, which in turn will increase our revenue. Our goal in handling materiality now is to further strengthen our financial and nonfinancial capital.

Striving to achieve carbon neutrality in the home

To achieve carbon neutrality by 2050, we will use a backcasting approach from a long-term perspective to implement a range of initiatives, such as boosting the sales of energy-generating, energy-storing, and energy-saving products and services. At the same time, we will also consider other initiatives, such as the distribution of renewable energy used in homes. Internally, we will bolster our foundation for achieving carbon neutrality in our operations, including raising the use of renewable energy to 100% at all business sites.

Reinforcing Joshin’s financial and nonfinancial capital through the creation of work environments that enable diverse human resources to enjoy successful careers and job satisfaction

Improve organizational performance through heightened employee engagement

In the Group’s human resources strategy, we emphasize diversity and inclusion (D&I) as the foundation stones and we are putting every effort into boosting employee engagement—for improving corporate value—by actions that build a rewarding work environment where diverse employees play a more active role.

We will capitalize on the strengths that individual fulfillment brings to improve organizational performance, creating the new value that society requires.

Creating a virtuous cycle of higher corporate value and a stronger foundation for management

By investing in human capital, we will secure effective employees, linking the sustained growth of businesses and diverse expertise to new levels of customer satisfaction. By promoting health and productivity management, we will maximize the potential of diverse human resources, improve corporate value, and create a virtuous cycle that strengthens the management foundation.