Focus on “Fun, Convenience and Sensitivity”

We believe that having the courage and mindset to take on a new challenge will open up a new era. In the spirit of “Sincere Service” since our foundation, we have always been committed to making the best choice in line with the times in order to satisfy our customers.
Now that our lifestyle has drastically changed with the advent of the network era, we have more things to do than ever. We hope to create a new Joshin of the 21st century not by sticking to common sense but rather by breaking with convention.


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Shop Brands of Joshin Group

General electronics retail store brand offering lifestyles for people of all generations. Joshin responds to a variety of customer needs in a speedy manner with smooth and seamless operations from product sales to delivery, engineering work and repair.

Specialty brand for information communication equipment and digital products for diverse network environments both for general users and business users. J&P purchases and trades in PCs, smartphones and other goods at high prices.

DISC-PIER meets the needs of users in various genres with a wide variety of music and visual software and video games.

Kids Land Joshin is a family-oriented general entertainment shop brand specializing in toys, models and video games.

Aiming to achieve a recyclable society, Joshin Outlet offers products at lower prices by utilizing its internal distribution system developed by itself.

Drug Store Mother-Pier offers a diverse range of merchandise, such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, baby products, household goods and popular 100-yen goods to customers of all ages.

Joshin MEGA WATCH is an in-store space for watches, brand-name bags and accessories. In addition to offering a wide range of popular items, it provides reliable services, such as a long-term assurance program for high-end watches. 

Joshin Denki is a franchisee of “BOOKOFF,” a general reuse shop chain that purchases and sells various used products such as books, CDs, DVDs, video games, clothing, and hobby goods.

Joshin Denki is a franchisee of “TSUTAYA,” an entertainment shop chain that offers lifestyle suggestions through the sale of newly published books, stationery, and miscellaneous goods, as well as the rental of movie and music products, and comics.