“We wish to sincerely convey what is truly valuable.”

As values continue to diversify, Joshin has always taken the customer’s point of view to remain aware of what customers truly desire at any given moment, with commitment to the slogan “Sincere Service.” To embody this philosophy, we have established the Joshin Group Declaration on Actions as a basic policy covering the activities of each and every one of us.

In the spirit of our Corporate Credo of “Thoughtfulness,” Joshin will continue to challenge itself in order to provide Sincere Service.

  • Our pledge to our customers
    Joshin will anticipate the needs of our customers to offer enjoyable, comfortable, and affluent lifestyles.
    We aim to be always preferred by customers by providing the peace of mind and satisfaction that only Joshin can offer.

  • Our pledge to society
    Joshin will respect social justice and comply with laws and regulations both in letter and in spirit.
    Joshin will strive to maintain and create safe, comfortable, and healthy living environments.
  • Our pledge to our business partners
    Joshin will cherish and maintain the good partnerships it has with all of its business partners.
  • Our pledge to our shareholders and investors
    Joshin will strive to gain the understanding and sympathy of its shareholders and investors through transparent corporate management.
  • Together with our employees
    Joshin will respect the individuality of each and every employee, and strive to grow together with them.