Outside Auditor

Masayasu Hashimoto

I believe that outside auditors must adopt a management view based on management experience at other companies as well as third-party perspective as consumers and shareholders, and detect risks while understanding the corporate culture of the Company. Bridging the gap between outside auditors and part-time auditors concerning their understanding is also one of the essential tasks. In that regard, it is significant that we are able to express our opinions from an outside perspective.

The Company is currently working to separate the executive function by delegating substantial authority to the Board of Executive Officers in order to shift some weight on monitoring from management, under the organizational structure of a company with a board of auditors. The Company has taken a giant step toward the ideal Board of Directors, by updating the management philosophy, revitalizing discussions on the future image of the Company, and improving the balance of skills of the officers. As the risks surrounding a company become more complex and diverse, more focus should be given to strengthening the corporate risk management capabilities as well as deepening and improving skills, including those of nextgeneration officer candidates, to ensure effective corporate management in the future. While promoting DX, I believe that, as a corporate organization, the Company needs to strengthen development and preparations for these systems even in normal times, including the education of employees, in order to cope with increased risks associated with information management and system failures, the threat of reputational risk through information media, such as social media, and risks of concentrating logistics centers at the time of emergencies.

Going forward, as an outside auditor, I will broaden perspectives and improve my insights, especially on corporate risks, as well as improve the quality of internal controls to prevent damage to corporate value and heighten our sensitivity of corporate risks. From the perspective of an outside party, a consumer, and a shareholder, I will express opinions and oversee the path toward the Company’s continuous development and sound governance from a long-term and higher standpoint, then contribute to the increase in corporate value through the full development of the Board of Directors.