Main challenges

Main communication means/methods


Reflection on management and business


• Utilization of diverse human resources

• Creating a workplace where human rights are respected

• Occupational health and safety, prevention of workplace accidents

• Realization of work-life balance

• Prevention of mental health problems

• Promotion of employee health

• Transparent and fair evaluation

• Respect for employee rights

• Support for skill improvement

• Creating an efficient and productive workplace

Health and Safety Committee

Once a month (all business sites)

We take suggestions and requests from employees and use them to improve our work environment and operational systems.

The employee stock ownership plan maintains a high participation rate of 87.46%*, creating a virtuous cycle in which employee participation in management is linked to business earnings.

* Calculated by (the number of participants of Joshin Electric on an unconsolidated basis divided by the number of employees at the end of the fiscal year).

Workplace inspection by occupational physicians, health consultation support, and interview guidance

As needed

Employee stress check

Once a year

Various trainings (career plan support, life plan support, etc.)

Several times each year

Labor-management consultation

Eight times a year

Harassment consultation counter

As needed

Work and childcare consultation counter

As needed

Improvement suggestion system

As needed

Self-report submission system

Once a year

Employee stock ownership plan

Twice a year

(Call for change in number of contribution units)

Admission is accepted every month

Publication of company newsletter

Four times a year


• Providing products and services that enrich the lives of our customers

• Maintaining and improving a system to ensure safe and secure products

• Thorough protection of personal information

Web surveys (during in-store sales, delivery/installation visits)

Each time of purchase, each time of delivery/installation visits to customers

We collect customer feedback and share this information internally. Collected information is used as a valuable management resource and is reflected in various management policies and internal training.

Call center

9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. (after hours, 24 hours by SMS)

Contact page on our corporate website

As needed

Daily sales activities

As needed

Business partners

• Sharing our corporate spirit, centered on the Corporate Credo of “Thoughtfulness”

• Building fair and strong partnerships

• Building and improving a highly competitive franchise system

• Maintaining and improving a system to ensure the provision of safe and secure products and services to our customers

• Ensuring fair trade

• Consideration of compliance with laws and regulations, human rights, and the environment throughout the supply chain

Holding regular general meetings and regular meetings with business partners

Once a year

We share our corporate spirit based on the Corporate Credo of “Thoughtfulness” and have established a system to provide safe and secure products to our customers with appropriate and attentive services.


Business partner training on CS, new product technology, laws and regulations, etc.

Several dozen times each year


Supervisory visits

As needed

Information exchange meetings with manufacturers

Several dozen times a year



• Maintenance and improvement of corporate value

• Appropriate return of profits

• Appropriate account processing and timely disclosure of information

General meeting of shareholders

Once a year

These meetings are used to enhance transparency in management and strengthen governance.

We also actively disclose information on our IR website.

Financial results briefing (IR large meeting)

Twice a year

Individual IR

As needed

IR seminars for individual investors

Public institutions/

Industry groups

• Promotion of product safety culture fostering through collaboration with administrative agencies

• Creating safe and secure communities through collaboration with local governments

• Creating shared value through collaboration with various public organizations

Participation in information exchange meetings (community), working groups, and study groups with government agencies

As needed

We recognize various social issues and strive to create win-win value for society and our company through collaboration with public institutions and local communities.

Activities based on comprehensive cooperation agreements with local governments and cooperation agreements to address local issues

As needed

Conducting crime prevention events in collaboration with the prefectural police, etc.

Several dozen times a year

Activities through The Japanese Major Consumer Electronics Appliance Distributor Association

As needed

Local communities

• Preventing the spread of damage and providing support for victims in the event of a disaster

• Supporting the youth who will lead the next generation

• Solving local issues by leveraging our core business

Sending speakers for lectures and educational opportunities

As needed

Visiting and exchanging opinions with various welfare organizations

As needed

Joint evacuation drills with local residents

Several times a year

Organizing and sponsoring various sporting events and eSPORTS events

As needed