Message from the Officer in Charge of Managment Planning and Human Resources Strategy

Koji Tanaka

Director and Managing Executive Officer

In charge of Management Planning and

Human Resources Strategy

We will improve the environment, support, and training systems so that people want to join and continue working at Joshin to develop their careers

The Group considers respect for human rights to be the foundation of all corporate activities, and recognizes the importance of our corporate responsibility to respect human rights.

We are working to foster a corporate culture that leverages diversity and continues to create new value demanded by society.

The Joshin Group believes that creating an internal environment where each employee is physically and mentally healthy and can perform at their full potential, and a workplace where employees can realize their own personal growth, is essential to the growth of our group.

We are also working on a response to long working hours, labor accidents, infectious diseases, workplace harassment, and improving productivity by implementing ICT on the front line of sales to create a safe and secure work environment where employees can fully demonstrate their performance.

The Joshin Group is improving workplace environments so that all employees can enjoy rich private and work lives, regardless of their gender, age, or physical ability, and regardless of whether they are providing childcare or nursing care, or making use of our shorter working hours system.

We must first have smiling employees to achieve our management philosophy. By creating an environment where employees can be active with a smile, we will secure diverse employees and create new corporate value.

Joshin values motivated leaders willing to reform the corporate structure, rules, and business model in response to changes in the environment.

We disclose 11 years of internal data, including the numbers of employees and hires.