Structure of the Procurement Policy

Establishing a Sustainable Procurement System with Suppliers

The Group will promote sustainable procurement with suppliers, continue to conduct the supply chain procurement questionnaire, and then establish a sound and robust supply chain through 100% compliance with the Procurement Policy and Procurement Guidelines as well as anticorruption initiatives.

Future Goals in Sustainable Procurement

Goals for FY 2025

Raise awareness of the Procurement Guidelines among suppliers and conduct a supply chain questionnaire to comprehensively check on compliance while evaluating every supplier individually. In addition, we will distribute the Procurement Guidelines and promote sustainable procurement within the Group through the aggregation of responses from companies and online channels.

Goals for 2030

Set a target of 70% for the percentage of the value of transactions with suppliers who responded to the supply chain questionnaire to the total value of all transactions (value of transactions with companies responding to the sustainable procurement questionnaire / total value of all transactions). We aim to build sustainable relationships with high-scoring companies. For non-respondents and low-scoring companies, we will work together to make improvements.