Materiality Progress

In September 2021, the Group identified seven material issues (materiality) to be prioritized in for “connecting people and society to the future with a smile.” Among these issues, we have determined the required initiatives and indicators and are working on “contributing to a prosperous society in harmony with the global environment” to achieve a sustainable society.

Here we report on the progress of our work in this area up to fiscal 2022.

Developing a resource-recycling society

One of the solutions to environmental challenges is the transition to a circular economy, or considering discarded products and raw materials as new resources and circulating them as demanded by stakeholders. We will help to build a circular economy by establishing a business model through initiatives such as product buybacks and resale systems, while promoting the reuse of packaging materials.

Addressing climate change issues

As a good corporate citizen, we see our initiatives for reducing GHG emissions from business activities as having a significant impact on global warming, as well as one of the social responsibilities of the Company, and we will make every effort to meet the expectations of our stakeholders by using all of the strengths of the Group. To achieve our environmental goals, we formulated the Environmental Policy and Environmental Action Guidelines.