Status of photovoltaic system installation

Implementing off-grid power generation and consumption through photovoltaic systems.

▶ On-site PPA

  •  Install photovoltaic system equipment on roofs and
    unused land on Group sites
  •  Consume renewable energy off the grid
    Supply method: direct
    Installation location: have limitations on installation
    location (on site)


▶ Off-site PPA

  •  Install photovoltaic system equipment off-site
    (remote locations)
  •  Generated renewable energy is transmitted to the
    Company’s business sites through power transmission
    and distribution lines
    Supply method: indirect
    Installation location: do not have limitations on installation
    location (remote locations)

EV chargers installation status

The popularization of electric vehicles (EV) is expected to accelerate and be increasingly promoted around the world. The Ministry of Economy,Trade, and Industry has set the framework in Green Growth Strategy through Achieving Carbon Neutrality in 2050. For passenger vehicles,it was decided to achieve 100% of new vehicles sold being EVs by 2035, and for commercial vehicles, the framework established aiming for 20% to 30% new vehicle sales being EVs by 2030, and for 100% of new vehicles sales being EVs and vehicles suitable for using decarbonized fuel by 2040, along with setting the target for the 2040 penetration rate of EVs by 2030. Building out the charging infrastructure will be a significant issue for the further popularization of EV. Against this backdrop, as a part of our initiatives for building stores that consider the global environment, we advocated the Osaka EV Action Program in March 2010. We started introducing EV charging stations at the Kishiwada Store and expanded this program to 49 stores in fiscal 2022. We intend to install chargers at 100% of our stores where installation is possible by fiscal 2024.