Recycle & reuse

Home appliance recycling (four items)

Based on collection obligations under the Act on Recycling of Specified Kinds of Home Appliances, in fiscal 2021, we collected 863,939 units of four types of home appliances (air conditioners, televisions, refrigerators and freezers, and washing machines and clothes dryers). We also responded to requests from local governments for cooperation in picking up used fluorescent tubes and other non-obligated items that we are not required to recycle.~{1}

Small home appliance recycling

In fiscal 2021, we collected 273,150 small home appliances Groupwide.

In addition to stores and service centers, we also offer a parcel delivery service, available from the Joshin EC (online) store.

Recycling small rechargeable batteries and personal computers

We are cooperating with the Small Rechargeable Battery Recycling Power-up Campaign organized by JBRC (Japan Portable Rechargeable Battery Recycling Center), and in fiscal 2021, we collected 10,433.4 kilograms of small rechargeable batteries.

In addition, we participate in the Common Recycling of the Household PC Industry from the PC3R Promotion Association, and collect and recycle PCs from households.~{2}

Reuse promotion of digital home appliances, etc.

We purchase/reuse personal computers, mobile phones, smartphones, digital cameras, video cameras, flat-panel TVs, Bluray/DVD recorders, video games, etc.

Digital devices purchased in fiscal 2021 totaled 45,228 units for the entire Group.

Purchased digital equipment is first sent to our Reuse Business Promotion Center, which is a reuse center. We have a system in place to sell the products in real stores and through the EC store after they undergo data deletion, repair, conditioning, cleaning, and operational checks.

  1. Local governments that we cooperate with on picking up non-obligated items (as of June 2022): Urayasu City (Chiba), Kanie Town (Aichi), Kuwana City (Mie), Kyoto City, Joyo City, Oyamazaki Town (Kyoto), Arida City, Aridagawa Town, Iwade City, Katsuragi Town, Kudoyama Town, Gobo City, Hidaka Town, Mihama Town, Yuasa Town (Wakayama), and Nara City (Nara).
    Used fluorescent tubes: Nagoya City, Kariya City, Komaki City (Aichi), Hirakata City (Osaka), Kobe City (Hyogo)
  2. The achievements of collection/recycling in fiscal 2021 have been announced as a total of the recycling results of companies participating in Industry Recovery on the website of the PC3R Promotion Association


Introducing LIMEX material plastic bags

Starting in July 2020, we introduced LIMEX plastic bags. LIMEX is made mainly from limestone, which is expected to be in stable supply, and will significantly reduce the use of plastic.

Table of actual results for air conditioner cleaning / washing machine tub cleaning

  FY 2019 FY 2020 FY 2021 FY 2022
Air conditioner
17,187 27,473 31,931 50,504
Washing machine
tub cleaning
177 332 333 626




Promotion of air conditioner cleaning and washing machine tub cleaning

The Company handles air conditioner cleaning and washing machine tub cleaning so that customers can use the products they purchase with care for a long time. We remove the dirt inside air conditioners and washing machine tubs and increase the life of pulsators and heat exchangers to allow continued use of these products. In order to continue contributing to building a recycling-based society, we will thoroughly institute the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) throughout the product lifecycle and work to reduce the amount of waste generated.