Disaster response in partnership with the community

The JOSHIN Gobo store (Wakayama Prefecture) has an evacuation tower on the shop roof that can accommodate 300 people in the event of a tsunami disaster. Tsunami evacuation drills are conducted twice a year at the request of the local authorities, with approximately 100 local residents participating each time under the evacuation guidance of shop staff.

Tsunami evacuation tower at Josin Gobo store
Tsunami evacuation tower at Josin Gobo store

Joint activities with the police to prevent damage from bank transfer fraud

we collaborate with the police in organising awareness-raising events to prevent victims of bank transfer fraud. At these events, police officers explain the situation of damage caused by fraud and the usefulness of telephones with crime prevention functions, and our employees explain the operation of the telephones.

In addition, we are also taking various steps to raise customer awareness, such as showing awareness-raising videos produced by the Osaka Prefectural Police and others on preventing cybercrime and bank transfer fraud at all of our electrical appliance stores in Osaka Prefecture.

Participation in the 110 Children's Watch campaign

The Kodomo 110 campaign is a campaign to protect children who come for help by displaying 'Kodomo 110' stickers and other stickers so that children can call for help if they are about to get into trouble, and by having commercial vehicles with 'Kodomo 110' stickers on them drive through the community as 'mobile Kodomo 110' vehicles. This is a campaign to protect children from crime and minimise damage by protecting children who come to them for help.

All stores, offices and vehicles in the Group participate in this campaign by affixing the KODOMO 110 sticker to their vehicles.