Voluntarily managed green space

Voluntarily managed green space is a system whereby a portion of a site is provided and managed as a public space under the guidance of the government.

It is open to the local community as a place of recreation and relaxation.

Participation in the Adopt-a-Road programme

We participate in the Adopt-a-Road programme to create clean roads that are loved by the community and beautify the local environment.

Encouraging Environmentally Friendly Behavior in Collaboration with Osaka Prefecture

The Group, in collaboration with Osaka Prefecture, aims to reform the awareness and actions of the citizens of Osaka Prefecture for decarbonization. Businesses, including Joshin, which have unique points, cooperate in this initiative. We follow the effective and sustainable nature of the decarbonization point system and have been promoting replacements by implementing additional decarbonization points after the sale of targeted energy-saving air conditioners. Looking ahead, through the sales of environmentally friendly products in collaboration with local governments, including Osaka Prefecture, we will support changes in customer behavior for decarbonization in homes.
 [Implementation period: November 1, 2022 to January 31, 2023]