Supporting the next generation by supporting the development of e-sports.

eSPORTS is also being adopted in the educational field as an educational tool for comprehensive human resource development, including planning, decision-making, execution, cooperation, creativity, communication skills, recovery response skills and IT literacy.


The eSPORTS Arena KOBE Sannomiya, located on the 9th floor of the JOSHIN Sannomiya 1 Building, is one of the largest full-scale e-sports facilities in western Japan operated by the Company, with 170 movable seats, live action seating and a racing simulator.


The eSPORTS Arena KOBE Sannomiya is offered as a venue for student e-sports competitions, practical training and presentations, and will contribute to the development of e-sports and regional revitalisation, as well as supporting the development of the next generation of human resources who aspire to deliver and edit live e-sports footage and plan and manage events.

Creating a sales floor in 'industry-academia collaboration' with universities.

In May 2022, we launched a joint project with Baika Women's University (in Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture), using real Joshin Group stores and encouraging people in their teens, 20s, and 30s, who are the most responsive to trends, to visit there, with the aim of creating new salesfloors that respond to changes in buying styles.
In this project, carried out as part a Baika Women’s University course, students analyze the issues they identify for home appliance salesfloors, deliberate in groups on how to address these issues, and then present their findings. We will take the proposals made in these presentations into consideration when designing store salesfloors, use feedback from stores and reactions from customers, and implement the elements that are highly rated in other stores.
This project will help increase the number of young fans by creating salesfloors that meet their desires and expectations, while at the same time providing the students in the project with high-quality learning environments by using real sales locations. Through these activities, we intend to create a virtuous cycle that increases brand awareness and corporate value in local communities.