Purchase prices of electricity from renewable energy sources, including solar power, have lowered year after year. Under such circumstances, we suggest shortening the payout period of installation costs by consuming a part of photovoltaic power by ourselves.

Effect of Photovoltaic Power Generation [Off-grid consumption & surplus power selling]


Total CO2 emission reduction of 12 business sites


  • Takaishi Store, Toyooka Store, Yashiro Store, Fukuchiyama Store, Kammaki Store, Akashi Okubo Store, Sakai Chuokanjo Store and Shinjo Store have been operated for less than a year. We included the figures for these stores only up to date (May 2022). 
  • Calculated with METI’s CO_{2} emission coefficient of 0.441kg-CO_{2}/kWh.
  • Calculated with the electricity purchase price of 12 yen/kWh.

Rokujizo Store

Hikone Store

Takaishi Store

Toyooka Store

Yashiro Store

Fukuchiyama Store

Kammaki Store

Akashi Okubo Store

Sakai Chuokanjo Store

Shinjo Store