Human Resource Development

Human resource development policy

The Group believes that human resource development is an investment that will result in sustainable growth. To develop employees who are sensitive to changes in the environment and motivated to transform the Company’s structure and business model, we encourage employee participation in management by creating opportunities for everyone to express their opinion, and we reflect their opinions in our policies. Then every employee feels a bond with the Joshin brand and voluntarily demonstrates their abilities, resulting in the desire to actively contribute to the creation of new value. We create new levels of customer satisfaction and intend to improve our corporate value by offering services provided by employees with deep knowledge and experience.

Career enrichment support

We will systematically support career development to nurture specialized employees who will support our existing core business segments and to help them take on the challenge of internal transfers to a business segment that generates new levels of customer satisfaction. While restructuring our existing business segments, we believe that improved reskilling is important for our goals in 2030 and 2050 that will lead to new corporate value.

Education supporting specialization for existing core business segments

To enable employees to independently learn the skills and knowledge required for their work, we have designated 25 recommended qualifications in 13 fields. We also conduct study sessions and mock exams led by in-house instructors and fully support acquiring qualifications as well as full subsidies for acquiring or renewing qualifications.

DX (digital transformation) training leading to the development of new services

In fiscal 2022, approximately 1,000 employees participated, deepening their understanding of DX, while gaining insights into operational improvements. We conduct online training on how to use DX for realizing our management vision of becoming a hub for the infrastructure of life through the power of home appliances and ICT.

Qualification recommended & number of qualifications held

Title Type Holders
Home appliance advisor All sorts 6,524
Home appliance engineer All sorts 394
Smart Masters 2,267
Qualified Electrician All sorts 301
Installation technician All sorts 298
Health supervisor All sorts 210
Photo master 1st-3rd grade 1,881

* Number of certifications held by officers, permanent employees, junior employees, temporary employees, and part-time employees of the Joshin Group.

Education and training system

Training hours and costs

Item Results
Frequency (days) 409
Total hours 58,261 hours~{1}
Total no. of trainees 72,192~{2}
Total no. of trainees \64,480,000
  1. E-learning is calculated by setting the average viewing time to 5 minutes per content and multiplying that by the number of times viewed.
  2. Figures for temporary employees are also included in the total number of trainees.

Develop autonomous human resources

Conduct management reviews

At the beginning of each fiscal year, our superiors meet with employees and Smile Partners (part-time employee) to set individual job goals and directly convey the expectations to each employee.

We encourage employees and Smile Partners in their self-directed skill development and personal growth by having them take on the challenge of creating ways to help themselves to accomplish their goals and experience a sense of achievement.

Well-placed employees (self-reporting)

The self-reporting is a tool for employees to report their desired department and future position, and it has become a well-placed practice to encourage employees to exercise their abilities autonomously by assigning the right person to the right job. Every year, many suggestions are received from employees through selfreporting forms.

Personnel evaluation system

When appointing employees to positions that play a central role in the execution of business operations, the Group selects candidates with the highest business performance for promotion.

Managers are rated and treated according to the weight of their responsibilities. Position grades fluctuate based on a fair evaluation of job performance, and the linked salary also fluctuates. This is an open personnel system with a semiannual salary system that has no seniority, educational background, or gender factors for salary considerations. Many employees are promoted from Smile Partner to permanent employees and even to management positions after working as a Career Promoter (junior employee).

Nurture next-generation leaders

We conduct executive training four times a year for department heads and above, as well as 47 executives from subsidiaries, aiming to develop a broad range of knowledge over time.

Content of 2022 executive training

  • Human resources (HR) management
  • Corporate governance improvements and sustainability management
  • Response during natural disasters
  • Basic understanding of financial statements and the concept of improving corporate value