Basic concept that runs through every initiative: diversity & inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) helps to realize job satisfaction and ease of work, and to create a foundation that opens up business prospects from diverse perspectives. We believe that the promotion of D&I is necessary to connect with society through services that bring smiles to the faces of our stakeholders and to pass on a prosperous future to the next generation.

To create an environment that promotes D&I, we believe it is essential to step up awareness, which can be expressed in four key phrases: ease of work, job satisfaction, employee ownership, and employee engagement. We will work on these issues as the core of D&I and all other human resources strategy.

By establishing an in-house environment for diversity & inclusion where employees with different experiences, knowledge, perspectives, and values can work and accept their individuality and differences, we will create a powerful management organization that can increase our knowledge and ideas, curb the risks posed by social changes, and lead to the creation of new social value.

We announced the Joshin Group D&I Policy in March 2023, viewingour goal through D&I promotion as the success of all employees and sustainable growth as a company.

November 2021

Established a new Diversity Promotion Office

April 2022

Expanded ikumen (child-rearing men) leave1
to the same 28 days as paternity leave2

April 2022

Established the Diversity Council

May 2022

Produced and displayed a D&I top message poster (left) in all departments

May–June 2022

Showed videos to promote LGBTQ understanding (executives and employees of all Group companies)

July 2022

Started introducing female managers and childcare workers (female and male) on the company intranet

July 2022

Establishment of childcare community

March 2023

Announcement of the Joshin Group D&I Policy

April 2023

Introduction of engagement surveys

April 2023

Making the shorter working hours system for childcare more flexible

April 2023

Start to support maiden names for employees who want to use them

  1. Ikumen (child-rearing men) leave: Special childcare paid leave offered by Joshin Denki Co., Ltd. and home appliance sales subsidiaries. This system lets employees take a leave of 28 days within eight weeks after the birth of a child, or 14 days within 8 weeks of childbirth, and an additional 14 days within a year.
  2. Paternity leave: National requirement that allows employees to take leave up to 28 days within 8 weeks after birth (established in October 2022)

Promotion of Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)