Securing Human Resources

Basic concept


We must first have smiling employees to achieve our management philosophy. By creating an environment where employees can be active with a smile, we will secure diverse employees and create new corporate value. Our plan includes hiring about 150 people each year. We intend to have a balanced age structure and to maintain as well as improve the human capital of the entire Group. In addition to external hiring, we will promote part-time employees within the Group to permanent positions.

The employees we are looking for


Through our fan base strategy, we are looking for energetic employees who can offer value for the customers’ experience in addition to physical value (goods and services) and that can propose an enriching experience. Without being fixated on uniform personalities and backgrounds, we want to hire people who can connect diverse life experiences for creating new corporate value.

In addition to increasing the percentage of female employees, we will focus on job interviews conducted by female employees, providing information about active female employees, and explaining our extensive support system for balancing work and family life.

Strengthening direct recruiting


We are already using direct recruiting for hiring women. Going forward, we intend to directly approach students and mid-career hires in various fields to support our core appliance business segment and potential new businesses that we will be enter in the future. Specifically, we’ll leverage direct recruiting for securing employees who can excel in the following specialties:

Marketing Sales network Logistics Construction IR/public relations

ICT/DX Legal governance Finance/accounting

Employee retention initiatives


The Group has managed to keep our turnover rate low, supporting the retention of experienced employees. This is a major strength of our fan base strategy, which involves building deeper relationships with customers over time. On the other hand, the turnover rate among women is higher than men, and the turnover rate at subsidiaries is higher than the head office. Resolving these issues could increase our overall employee retention, making it an even stronger way to increase the number of fans and core fans that are the key to our sales strategy.

Securing employees in strategic areas


We are promoting career recruitment of people with specialized skills to respond to changing social needs and to create diverse values. To increase the percentage of mid-career hires, approximately 50% of the planned hires for each fiscal year are midcareer hires.