Support mental and physical health

Basic Philosophy of Health and Productivity Management

In our Group, which promotes the creation of fans and core fans based on a fan base strategy, the “promotion of mental and physical health” of our employees, who are the points of contact with customers, is an important foundation for supporting our human resources strategy. In order to maximize organizational performance and create new customer satisfaction (= social value) as a driving force for sustainable growth by enabling each employee to maximize his or her ability and growth, the Joshin Group practices “health and productivity management” under the leadership of our top management.

We have been certified as an “Excellent Corporation for Health Management“ selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi for four consecutive years since FY2020.

Declaration of Health and Productivity Management

We declare that we will strive for

the “Promotion of mental and physical health”

of all employees of the Joshin Group.



The Joshin Group believes that creating an internal environment where each employee is physically and mentally healthy and can perform at their full potential, and a workplace where employees can realize their own personal growth, is essential to the growth of our group.

The Joshin Group declares that in order to put into practice our management philosophy of “connecting people and society to the future with a smile” through the creation of two social values, “supporting the strengthening of resilience in an aging society” and “achieving carbon neutrality at home,” we will actively promote the health of our employees and their families, who will be the driving force behind this philosophy.

Joshin Denki Co., Ltd.

Representative Director, President and Executive Officer

Ryuhei Kanatani

Health and Productivity Management Promotion System

The Health Management Promotion Team, headed by the Representative Director, President, and Executive Officer, is working in cooperation with various internal and external organizations to address the Group’s health issues.

Health and Productivity Management Strategy Map

Health Investment Amount




100 million yen

100 million yen

129 million yen

Breakdown of main costs
■Costs for medical checkups  ■ Costs for follow-up measures after medical checkups  ■ Costs for measures to prevent infectious diseases  ■ Costs for mental health measure

Effect measure




Absenteeism *1

3.1 days

3.1 days

3.4 days

Presenteeism *2




Work engagement *3


Rate of employees eligible for specified health guidance




*1 Absenteeism: Average for all employees of the number of days of absence from work due to personal injury or illness of 30 days or more. (Including days of absence from work due to injury or illness and days of paid leave) * Including continuation from the previous year

*2 Presenteeism: Calculated using WLQ survey form. The rate of employees whose ability to perform their jobs is reduced due to health problems. Studies have shown that a rate below 93.6% increases the risk of sickness absence due to mental health problems.

*3 Work engagement: Positive and fulfilling psychological state related to work. It is characterized by “vitality,” “enthusiasm,” and “immersion” using the New Brief Occupational Stress Questionnaire, and the average of each item is calculated and used as a score.

* Presenteeism and work engagement are measured at the same time as the stress check

Initiatives to improve the “health index”

Our group has set a target of +2% of the national data on the health index (the sum of the rate of people whose “obesity,” “blood pressure,” “liver function,” “lipids,” and “blood glucose” are within the normal range and the rate of non-smokers) in the results of health checkups in 2030, and is working to prevent lifestyle-related diseases that cause the risk of absence from work. * NDB data published by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare


Among these, we are particularly focusing on improving the rate of people with abnormal findings in “blood glucose” (16.6%*) and the rate of “smokers” (25.3%*), who have a high risk of absence from work and a high risk of developing diabetes and cancer, as health issues for our group. * From data of FY2021

Health index







Health index breakdown








Blood pressure




Liver function








Blood glucose








Survey subjects: Employees 40 years of age or older
■ Obesity: BMI 25 or more, or abdominal circumference 85 cm (men) or 90 cm (women)  ■ Blood pressure: Systolic 130 mmHg or more, or diastolic 85 mmHg or more
■ Liver function: AST 31 or more, ALT 31 or more, or γ-GT 51 or more  ■ Lipids: Triglycerides 150 mg/dl or more or HDL less than 40 mg/dl
■ Blood glucose: Fasting blood glucose of 100 mg/dl or more, or HbA1c of 5.6% or more, or if unavoidable, casual blood glucose of 100 mg/dl or more

Main initiatives


Details of initiatives

Health checkups for 100% of employees

Annual health checkups are an essential measure for understanding health conditions and preventing serious diseases.

Through the implementation of ICT for medical checkup appointments, we “visualized” all health checkup appointments, including complete medical checkups (*), in an effort to prevent omissions.

(*) Our group requires all regular employees aged 35 or older to receive a complete medical checkup. (No cost to the individual)

Acceleration of health measures

With regard to the management of health checkup results, the implementation of ICT has also facilitated collaboration between occupational health staff, employees, and the company, as well as the understanding of health issues, thereby establishing a system that allows for a rapid response.

Strengthening the implementation of specific health guidance

We are working with the health insurance association to strengthen specific health guidance and improve the rate of employees who receive it.

Prevention of lifestyle-related diseases

Since lifestyle-related diseases refer to all diseases caused by long-standing lifestyle habits, proper lifestyle habits are a preventive measure.

In response, since fiscal 2022, we have been conducting “Good Condition Interviews,” in which public health nurses hold individual interviews with selected employees of all ages on the basis of the results of health checkups in accordance with the Group’s own criteria. During the interviews, public health nurses provide friendly consultation and advice on various issues and questions of the interviewees, such as diet and exercise.

Measures against smoking

Since April 2020, we have enforced a total non-smoking policy on our premises and are striving to prevent “unwanted passive smoking” within our business sites.

For employees who are trying to quit smoking, we provide subsidies to cover the cost of treatment upon completion of outpatient smoking cessation treatment to promote non-smoking efforts.

Promotion of opportunities for physical exercise

We are working to create opportunities for physical exercise for employees through walking events sponsored by the health insurance association, bowling tournaments sponsored by the labor union, and softball tournaments jointly organized by labor and management.

Actual results




Rate of employees receiving a health checkup




Rate of employees receiving a secondary medical examination




Rate of employees receiving a Good Condition Interview


Questionnaire for those who received a Good Condition Interview




I am glad I received the interview




I have a better understanding of my health condition




Mental health care measures

Actual results




Rate of employees receiving stress checks

(number of employees subject to stress checks)

96.3% (7,046 employees)

97.5% (7,022 employees)

98.7% (7,037 employees)

Overall health risk




Rate of highly stressed employees




* Including business sites with fewer than 50 employees

Initiatives through training, etc.

Providing self-care training for physical and mental health as part of new employee onboarding training

Providing subordinate management training to managers

  • “Homeiku“ training (praising and nurturing subordinates)
  • Training related to employee engagement

Establishment of a consultation counter

We have set up a consultation counter to call or email our public health nurses to provide a system for employees with mental health concerns to seek advice with peace of mind.

Other initiatives

Establishment of an external consulting service available 24 hours a day

  • Health related questions
  • Consultation for anxiety
  • Second opinion consultation arrangement service

Leave system that allows employees to concentrate on recovery while receiving wage compensation for up to 36 months

A return-to-work program that supports a smooth recovery through collaboration among the attending doctor, occupational doctor, and the company

Plans for future initiatives

  • Improvement of various training programs to improve health literacy and self-care skills of all employees
  • Individualized guidance by a registered dietitian to improve diet
  • Promotion of a company-wide non-smoking program
  • Promotion of initiatives for early detection of cancer
  • Improvement of self-care and line-care training for women’s health issues
  • Improvement of self-care and line-care training for mental health care

“Health” is an essential foundation for a fulfilling life, both at work and at home.


By taking an active role in employee health management through the promotion of health and productivity management, we aim to be a company where employees can perform at their full potential at work and enjoy a more fulfilling personal life, by developing the improvement of health literacy into the “promotion of mental and physical health.”


In October 2022, our group established the Health and Productivity Management Promotion Office and its promotion team to promote various health and productivity management initiatives more vigorously.
We link the success of our diverse human resources, who work actively through the promotion of health and productivity management, to the creation of new fans and core fans of Joshin.


Tadahiro Yoshimura
General Manager, Health and Productivity Management Promotion Office