In the event that a defective or faulty product is reported, the Company will work closely with the supplier and take prompt action following the workflow shown below.All information on products handled is managed and controlled by the Merchandise Department, and whenever a problem occurs, the department issues instructions to each business site with a summary of countermeasures, which are then followed.

When a manufacturer informs us of a defect, all customers’ purchase histories are accessed using Joshin Card member information, etc., and then purchasers of defective products are alerted by direct mail. In addition, when requested by the manufacturer, we notify purchasers by phone and conduct home inspection, etc. The information on defects is databased and shared with all employees in the Otsukai Seihin Benrityo. (our unique application) Moreover, we have established a system enabling us to send direct mail on defects based on the purchaser data of consumables and accessories.