Product Safety Management Promotion System

At our Group, every division in charge of product safety reports to the Risk Management Committee every quarter on the state of activities based on the CSR Action Plan for the development and promotion of the product safety management system, in this way sharing information. The Risk Management Committee regularly reviews the CSR Action Plan, and has established a system to direct departments to make required improvements.

Confirmation of safety in purchasing goods

It is essential that the products and services we sell are selected with the utmost care to ensure that they do not cause injury or harm to the health of our customers. Therefore, in order to confirm the safety of the products we sell, we always check the supplier's corporate stance on product safety before concluding a Basic Product Purchase Agreement. We always ask suppliers to conclude a 'Memorandum of Understanding on Product Safety' at the same time as the Basic Agreement on Sale and Purchase of Goods. Furthermore, we take all possible measures to sell safe products to our customers, such as referring to our own 'Product Safety Standard Evaluation Sheet' during individual business negotiations with suppliers with whom we have started doing business.

In addition, the JOSHIN Group Code of Conduct clearly states that 'We select the products and services we handle with the safety of our customers as our top priority', and all employees of the Group are complying with this policy in their respective departments.

The JOSHIN Group Code of Conduct clearly states the standards of conduct and decision-making that all employees must share with our stakeholders, including customers, business partners, franchisees, outsourcing partners, local communities and the environment.
Based on this Code of Conduct, the Joshin Group Procurement Policy/Procurement Guidelines and the Joshin Group Anti-Corruption Policy were formulated in FY2022.