Our commitment to our customers in accordance with the Josin Group Code of Conduct

The " Joshin Group Code of Conduct" is a set of standards of behavior and judgment to be practiced by all employees of the company.
The Code of Conduct clearly defines the mindset of those involved in corporate activities, including actions toward various stakeholders, compliance with laws and social norms, proper handling of personal information, appropriate disclosure of corporate information, promotion of fair trade, and environmental conservation, and provides guidelines for actions that should be observed.
A booklet describing the Code of Conduct is distributed to all employees to ensure thorough awareness of the Code of Conduct.
We strive to embody our social ethics, company creed, and management philosophy by practicing actions that conform to the Code of Conduct on a daily basis.

We are committed to providing a wide range of safe and reliable products and services and appropriate information to our customers based on the "Behavior for Customers" section of the " Joshin Group Code of Conduct".

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The Joshin Group Code of Conduct: "Conduct Toward Customers

●Selection Criteria for Products and Services
・We select products and services with the safety of our customers as the top priority.
・We will develop products and services that customers want more quickly than any other companies.
・We will offer products and services at reasonable prices by sensitively grasping the market price.

●Policy on advertising and publicity
・We will comply with laws and regulations, and strive for proper labeling, being careful not to use confusing expressions, etc.
・We will strive to create advertising materials and displays that are easy for customers to understand and use.
・We will take care not to infringe on publicity rights, portrait rights, copyrights, trademark rights, etc.

●Promotion of Wholehearted  service activities
・Respect the basic human rights of customers.
・Strive to be the No. 1 "Wholehearted  Service" in the region with a smile and hospitality.
・Maintain a comfortable environment by striving to improve the cleanliness of products and stores.
・Strive to create sales areas, corners, and POPs that are easy for customers to understand.
・Strive to improve product knowledge and proposal ability as a "specialty store.
・Respond to customer inquiries in good faith.
・We will take customer feedback seriously and reflect it in our daily operations.

●Ensure safety
・Build and maintain buildings and parking lots with the safety of customers as the top priority.
・Promote barrier-free store construction with consideration for the disabled and elderly.
・Strive to prevent product accidents based on the basic policies of "customer focus" and "product safety assurance.
・Establish rules for responding to earthquakes, fires, etc., and make them known to all employees.