Support for the active participation of diverse employees

We will create an environment where every employee can work in multiple ways.

Active participation of veteran employees

The Group is raising the retirement age by one year each year and we will extend the retirement age to 65 by April 2025. As experienced managers reach the retirement age each year, we will use their abilities and skills in developing successors and to support the younger generation. In this way, we will build work styles that lead to job satisfaction for veteran employees.

Active participation of people with disabilities

To support employment that matches individual characteristics, we conduct trial training during hiring and are now intending to employ one person with disabilities in every department of our stores, primarily in the Kansai and Tokai regions. We also work to develop job opportunities in cooperation with local employment support agencies and school career guidance counselors.

2030 Target Percentage of employees with disabilities: 3.0%

No. of employees with disabilities

Percentage of employees

2030 Target

Status of employment of people with disabilities




Promoting the understanding of the LGBTQ community

In 2022, we conducted the first Group-wide video-based training.

The Diversity Promotion Office will be a consultation service and will take the initiative by first acquiring knowledge and understanding.