Employee Participation in Management through the Diversity Council

The Diversity Council allows employees to directly communicate their opinions to management and have their opinions quickly reflected in initiatives.

The Diversity Council gathers opinions from employees regarding all of our D&I promotion themes, discusses them, and collects them as proposals.

The Joshin Group Diversity Council has a framework with four parts. All employees express their opinions through questionnaires and community communications, and then these diverse opinions are reflected in our management and operations.

Message from management regarding the Diversity Council

The Joshin Group is fostering a corporate culture that leverages diversity to continually create the new value needed by society. For this reason, it is important that employees, the wellspring of our sustainable growth, work energetically with smiles. The Diversity Council speedily relays the opinions of employees to management so that the opinions can be reflected in our policies. By listening to diverse voices, we seek to build relationships of trust with our employees and drive more engagement.

For companies that already have progressive initiatives, diversity isn’t simply promoted from the perspectives of ethics and improving employee benefits, but is positioned as a management strategy. Institutional investors also see that companies that promote diversity have a strong potential for long-term growth.

With building systems and culture that embraces diverse values and varied workstyles, we are keenly aware of needs and risks for improving our organizational capacity to innovate, as well as realizing the Joshin Group’s ideals of “connecting people and society to the future with a smile,” which lie beyond a smile on everyone’s face.

Diversity Promotion Office

Aki Shima

Diversity Promotion Office
Head of Office

Increasing employee engagement using a flexible approach

Our basic management policy is to create a workplace environment where employees work energetically with smiles, which is why we created our Diversity Promotion Office in November 2021. Employees take their first step for building a relationship of trust with the Company when they find their workplace environments comfortable and they experience job satisfaction. By proposing workstyles that flexibly match employees’ lifestyles, we ensure that employees and the human resources required for the future will choose the Group, and we make it possible to link the strengths of individuals to the improved performance of our entire organization. With backup from across the organization, including outside directors with extensive knowledge on diversity, we are currently launching unprecedented initiatives. We will reflect diverse perspectives in areas such as systemic improvements, while diligently working to meet our customers’ needs and requests from within the Company.

The Diversity Promotion Office is using a flexible approach to improve employee engagement and forge stronger ties between employees and the Company.